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Healthcare Checks & Balances Are Needed

We need to democratize the Public Health Act and its emergency orders by putting final authority over these orders in the hands of the members you elect to represent you. I authored an op-ed in the Edmonton Journal to tell Albertans about the Private Member's Bill I introduced intended to do exactly that.

Here's a brief excerpt. You can read the full article here.

"Now, with the pandemic finally shifting to endemic, health restrictions and emergency mandates are slowly being lifted. For the good of our society, governments need to set aside these temporary powers as quickly as possible. There is too much work before us to remain fixated on the fear that left us frozen in place for two long years. This is a time for mending fences, healing divisions, and taking steps to correct the many mistakes of the pandemic era.

As an MLA, one of the most effective tools I have is writing a private member’s bill. Over the past six months, I have been seeking input on how to proceed. Having heard from thousands of Albertans, it seems clear the public has concerns about the way pandemic management was executed. In particular, Albertans are demanding more transparency, more accountability, and more democratic oversight."

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