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Health Care with Compassion and Respect

Health Care is always an issue of concern with Albertans. As I’ve traveled across Alberta, at each meeting, it is always a top topic of concern. After 13 years of AHS, I think we can all agree that changes need to be made. We were promised that the formation of the centralized AHS system would reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and provide better care for Albertans.  Clearly, that hasn’t happened. 

We have seen increasing concerns about a lack of health care professionals, especially in rural Alberta to the point that emergency rooms are being closed for days at a time. Many people wait months to get an appointment with their family Doctors. Many families don’t even have a family Doctor. 

  • Completely Restructure AHS- AHS in its current form has been failing Albertans for years. Compared to other jurisdictions, spending is near the top and results are near the bottom. Albertans deserve better. Waiting years for surgeries, months for MRI’s, and hours for ambulance service is unacceptable. A complete restructuring or dissolution of AHS is necessary in order to accomplish meaningful change. 
  • Return to Regional/Local Decision Making- The centralized decision making in AHS has failed to respond appropriately to local and regional needs. Health Care in rural and remote Alberta requires substantially different approaches than large urban areas. These needs need to be respected and considered when making health care decisions. Regional/Local decision making will help bring the needs of patients and health care to the forefront of decision making.
  • Completely Restructure College of Physicians- The College of Physicians was delegated many powers from the Alberta government. These delegated responsibilities need to be reviewed. There must be accountability and having a sole source that delivers these responsibilities can thwart accountability. Therefore, restructuring and review is in order.
  • Stop the Harassment, Bullying, and Review Legal Action Against Health Care Professionals Regarding COVID Vaccinations and COVID Care- There are many stories from across Alberta of toxic work environments created by harassment and bullying due to vaccine status. This must stop immediately. Some Health Care professionals are still involved with court action threatening their ability to practice that came as a result of COVID regulations. Those cases need to be assessed to ensure that we aren’t limiting the ability of our health care professionals to do what they are trained to do- to provide health care to Albertans.
  • Increase Capacity in Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions for Health Care Professionals- Presently, Alberta’s post-secondary institutions are not graduating the Health Care Professionals Albertans need to receive the care they deserve. Since the seats in these classes are limited, many of our students that would like to practice medicine either chose a different career or go elsewhere to receive their education. Those that chose to go elsewhere go through the same time consuming, convoluted, and expensive process to become accredited as those that are trying to immigrate here. The process of accreditation needs to be streamlined so that they can be properly tested, but not unnecessarily delayed. Our post-secondary institutions receive about $5.5 Billion of taxpayer money to subsidize the education of our students. This education subsidy is justified so that our society gets the professionals it needs. However, in some disciplines, we are undersupplied. The priorities of how taxpayer money is spent has to change. 
  • More Privately Provided, Publicly Funded Options- Presently our Health Care system is providing unacceptable results. Having more privately delivered, publicly funded options will help alleviate the wait times for surgeries. Presently we have a two-tier health care system. Those that can afford it, travel outside of Alberta to get their health care instead of waiting. Albertans pay for and deserve better health care than they receive. 

I would be honoured if I could receive your #1 vote on your ballot,

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