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Central Peace-Notley

Central Peace-Notley is a provincial electoral district in AlbertaCanada. The district was one of 87 districts mandated to return a single member (MLA) to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

The riding takes its name from its central location in the Peace River Country and from Grant Notley, who represented the region in the Legislature from 1971 to 1984 while serving as leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party.

Central Peace-Notley is a largely rural riding located in northwestern Alberta.

There are no cities in the riding. Urban municipalities include the towns of Fairview, Falher, Fox Creek, McLennan, Spirit River, and Valleyview, and the villages of Berwyn, Donnelly, Girouxville, Hines Creek, and Rycroft.

Central Peace-Notley also covers the entirety of six rural municipalities (Birch Hills County, Clear Hills County, the Municipal District of Fairview No. 136, the Municipal District of Smoky River No. 130, the Municipal District of Spirit River No. 133, and Saddle Hills County) and portions of two others (the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 and the Municipal District of Peace No. 135)

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"Heart of the Peace", is a town of about 3,000 people (2016) in Alberta's Peace River Country. Fairview is an agricultural community that is halfway between Grande Prairie and Peace River.

The last real oil boom faded in the 1990s, and the explosive growth of Grande Prairie - about an hour down the road - has had further negative impact on the town's commercial life, but tidy Fairview remains a center of government and farm services. In the 1950s, the town was awarded one of the province's three agricultural colleges, and the old campus (formerly Fairview College, briefly and controversially taken over by Edmonton's NAIT, now managed at a closer distance by Grande Prairie Regional College) occupies much of the town today. If you came from the south, you'll already be 20 minutes past Fairview's greatest attraction: the glorious Peace River valley, slashed out of the surrounding prairie with very little warning.

Both Jordan B. Petersen and Rachel Notley have roots in Fairview.

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A combination of a balanced economy, excellent investment opportunities, friendly neighbours and big city amenities – in a small-town setting – make for remarkably high-quality living.

Located 350 km north of Edmonton and 115 km east of Grande Prairie, the Town of Valleyview has a population of 1,972, with a trading area of 5,000.

Valleyview is strategically located at an important crossroads that lead to Canada’s north.

Excellent paved highways allow for travel to northern destinations. Highway 49 leads to the Northwest Territories by way of Peace River and the Mackenzie Highway. Highway 43 leads to Dawson Creek, the Alaska Highway and adventure in northeastern British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska.

Town of Valleyview


Fox Creek

A Citizen focused vibrant sustainable community, embracing diversified partnerships and building upon small town family values.

Fox Creek is a citizen-focused vibrant and sustainable community, embracing diversified economic partnerships and prides itself on small-town family values.
The Municipality of Fox Creek is a vibrant and bustling hotbed of economic activity in the heart of the Duvernay. Known mainly for its bountiful wilderness, Fox Creek showcases the very best of the surrounding forests, lakes and wildlife, making it the perfect location for enjoying the outdoors.
Fox Creek combines a serene wilderness experience, with small-town hospitality, first-class amenities, and a reliable service centre for the active oil and gas industry surrounding the community.
Fox Creek is a great place to call home.

Town of Fox Creek