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Democratic Reform: Getting it right

Tens of thousands of Albertans have lost faith in Alberta’s democratic institutions. Todd Loewen’s democratic reform measures are designed to move away from the leader-centric politics of the Kenney era, and put Alberta’s families and communities back in charge of our shared provincial agenda. 

 Here are the key points: 

  • Strengthening Direct Democracy: Alberta’s Recall and Citizens Initiative legislation needs to be overhauled. The versions of these initiatives that were democratically approved by UCP members were far superior to the relatively toothless and unattainable versions enacted by Premier Kenney and his cabinet. The UCP can’t claim to be a grassroots party while ignoring the will of its membership. Those candidates that aren’t willing to support changes to make this legislation functional must feel that whether you like them or not, they’re staying. Kind of like creepy stalkers.
  • Reform Act for Alberta: Alberta’s democratic process needs a circuit breaker that allows Caucus members to vote on removing a political party leader. The federal government has its Reform Act, which was recently used by CPC MPs to remove Erin O’Toole. With such a tool in Alberta, the UCP could have also avoided much turmoil over the past year. In addition to forcing party leaders to listen to democratically elected representatives, this tool is will also help to prevent party leaders from interfering in free and fair nomination races. 
  • Improving transparency and accountability: Albertans have zero tolerance for government insiders using their positions to feather their own nests. As a matter of immediate political survival, the government must take steps to improve transparency and accountability, including changes to the Lobbyist Act, the Conflict of Interests Act, and the Election Finances Act
  • A written constitution for Alberta. Constitutions are unique documents. Properly written, they protect the rights and freedoms of citizens from over-reaching governments. The creation of a written Constitution for Alberta is an opportunity to engage with families and communities from every region and build inclusive vision for our province.  

In addition, under Section 45 of the national Constitution Act, certain changes to provincial constitutions may be reflected in the Constitution of Canada. This provides our province with a new avenue to be exercise influence on the national stage. 

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