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A Fair Deal for Alberta

When it comes to Trudeau's emergency powers, I have three specific Alberta-focused concerns. Last week, I wrote to Premier Kenney and Finance Minister Travis Toews to ask them the following:
▪️ATB Financial is a provincial crown corporation, owned by the Alberta Government. What steps will be taken to protect Albertans' bank and their assets from Trudeau's overreach?
▪️Chrystia Freeland spoke about cancelling the insurance of protesters. Insurance regulation and vehicle registration is a provincial responsibility. Will the province be cooperating with Freeland's orders?
▪️Will the provincial government stop allocating its lawyers to enforcing unnecessary, ineffective restrictions and instead assign them to protect individual Albertans' property rights against the feds' powers of conscription?
It should also be noted that Alberta might be in a much stronger position to resist Trudeau and Ottawa if we had not dragged our feet on the "Fair Deal" proposals. This drives home the urgent NEED for more autonomy for Alberta.

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